Analyze your Property as per Vastu Shastra

How It Works

Upload map

Upload map of your property ( house, shop, office and factory etc.) on our website. North direction should be properly marked in the map. The map can be a pdf or image file.

Vastu Analysis

Once we receive your map, our experts will analyze it and generate a report of you property. We use the ancient science of vastu as well as the modern science of building biology & climatology to analyze and generate report.

Vastu Reports

Once our experts have completed their analysis, we will send you a report for you property on your registered Email ID. You can choose either basic report or advance report. Basic report is free and an advance report cost Rs.500/- one time.

Vastu Solution

On the basic of your report, our experts will also provide Vastu solution to you. For more details, Please contact us at for vastu solution for your property.

Why Vastu

Vastu shastra is an ancient science of architecture that originated in india in vedic times. Vastu shastra describes principle of design, layout, measurements, space arrangement and special geometry. Vastu shastra integrate living spaces with nature, direction and natural forces like sun, wind etc. The aim of vastu Shastra is to design living spaces like houses, temples, cities, garden, water bodies etc. in harmony with nature with the ultimate goal of achivery overall prospectus and feeling of well being.

About Us

We at Vastutech are a team of architects and architects turned software developers. We have experience of practicing architecture & vastu shastra and running software development companies that have developed cutting edge technology products. We have always envisioned a technology product for Vastu shastra which can be applied and practiced to enhance the quality of our living spaces and hence the quality of our lives.

We are a blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology. We focus on improving the quality of ancient knowledge delivering and customer support. We have been working on reducing ambiguity and quality of presentation in Vedic hindu knowledge. We use modern technology of artificial intelligence to improve quality of life.

We have developed solution to solve problem of Vastu identification and rectification by standard systems. We have been working on this software for more than 1 year to solve standard reporting and presentation methodology.


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